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Products & Solutions
Luminex solutions empower users to archive digital assets, publish archived assets online, and create CD and DVD distributions automatically and without operator intervention!
Data/Ware CD Data/Ware CD™ & Data/Bank Library™
Data/Ware CD creation solutions and Data/Bank data storage library solutions for MVS mainframe and Client/Server-based systems. Data/Ware CD systems are fast, automated, high-volume CD production solutions with software that provide compression and indexing of 3211 line-mode report data for distribution on CD. Data/Bank Libraries are fully automated data storage systems with storage capacity of over 1/2 Terabyte of data.

Power Scan&Ship™ Product for Data/Ware CD
Power Scan&Ship is a labor saving software product that utilizes barcodes to accurately ship your CDs to save you significant time and money. Power Scan&Ship integrates Data/Ware CD to all major industry shipping systems including FedEx™, UPS™ and Airborne™.

Power Press Power-Press™
CD & DVD duplication and printing solutions for all your offline archiving, duplication and data distribution needs. The Power-Press includes automated full-color disc labeling so that each CD or DVD created is uniquely labeled. The Power-Press is available in one or four drive models.
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WebPress™ Plug-in for WebNative™
On-demand, web-based content selection and CD-R creation is now a reality through the combination of Luminex's Power-Press disc recorder and color labeler and WebNative, Xinet's incredibly flexible Web-enabled digital asset management software. The two product lines are united through Xinet's WebPress Plug-in module.

PowerPlus Libraries PowerPlus Library™
Part of the award-winning powered-series, Luminex's PowerPlus CD & DVD libraries are excellent AUTOMATED on-line archival and retrieval data storage solutions. Our very affordable entry level solution stores ˝ Terabyte with configurations available up to many Terabytes, as your needs change. Our CDR, DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM libraries are exceptional solutions for digital data archiving, streaming media, project backup, and document imaging.
Perfect entry level solution for centrally managing the creation of DVD-RAM discs from the server. DVD-RAM media can be re-used and is great for project archiving or distributing data and can be read by most of the current DVD-ROM drives.
Perfect entry level solution for centrally managing the creation of DVD-R discs from the server. DVD-R media offers true write-once storage for project archiving or distributing data and can be read by virtually all DVD-ROM drives.
A perfect entry level solution for centrally managing the creation of CDs from the server. The server-based NET-CDR eliminates the complexities and hassles of transferring data over the network, and also offers full cross-platform filesystem support for true interoperability.
Automated archiving software product that can be used with the complete Luminex product line. HOTfolders centralizes management of the archiving process, while providing truly seamless interactions for anyone to create new archives and distributions. HOTfolders automates the media type, the number of copies to be made, and on-line access options. HOTfolders is administered through a browser-based GUI but requires absolutely no software on the client to create distributions or archive data to CD and DVD.
Fire Series™
The Fire Series archiving and library management software provides the core functionality for all Luminex products. The Fire Series software is UNIX server based and is easily administered by a browser based Graphical User Interface.
Data/Ware CD Data / Ware Interface
DataWare interface solutions offer a wide variety of interface products for both PC and Sun Microsystems applications, along with a selection of warranty and service options.
Mainframe Mainframe Interface & Emulation
Crossroads™ and Data/Ware products to connect Windows NT/2000, SUN Solaris, HP-UX and other systems to mainframe channels. Through a combination of hardware and software, ESCON or Bus & Tag Channel Connections are made directly to the internal bus in an open system. We also offer PC-based emulators for driving high-speed mainframe devices from personal computers or PCI-based servers and workstations


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