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About Luminex

Luminex was founded in early 1994 with a focus on leveraging the advantages of standards-based CD technology to solve corporate data storage management problems. It is now a leading developer and innovator of corporate data management solutions leveraging CD, DVD, optical and tape technologies. The company provides data archiving, distribution and network/internet archive solutions that combine functionality, performance and ease of use to solve today's customer problems.

Luminex is unique as a company by using software focused product development and expertise to offer total solutions, complete with hardware, software and support, to ensure unparalleled customer support.

Luminex has a large and expanding worldwide customer base with customers and resellers in leading industries and geographical areas throughout the world. Luminex is privately held, profitable, and has demonstrated significant annual growth every year since its inception by reinvesting in itself and through acquisitions.

In September of 2000 the company announced a major acquisition of technology and engineering talent by acquiring the premium Data/Ware product line. Luminex hired the entire Data/Ware engineering and product marketing team.

In early 2002, Luminex entered into an exclusive reseller business relationship with Crossroads Systems, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Luminex is the exclusive reseller of the Crossroads-Oregon mainframe products business. The agreement expands an already existing customer relationship and includes a license from Crossroads to the hardware, software and firmware designs of Crossroads' mainframe products. Luminex hired the entire engineering and product marketing staff of Crossroads' mainframe product group.

Luminex has offices in Georgia, Illinois and Texas. It operates a facility in San Diego, California, and Beaverton, Oregon. The company is headquartered in Riverside, California.

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